Wrinkled Moon:
Chamber Music by Daniel Strong Godfrey

Wrinkled Moon
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Performed by members
of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Koch International Classics CD
(KIC-CD 7679)

"These attractive and varied works for various chamber ensembles are all fundamentally tonal, with obvious allegiance especially to French Impressionism, as well as a hint of Sibelius. The three movements of From a Dream of Russia employ material derived from Russian folk music and Orthodox church music... The refined and sensitive colors of the ensemble pieces, especially the atmospheric Luna Rugosa, the most recent work here, suggest a particularly subtle nature painting in sound, evoking the effects of light on wind-ruffled water and the gentle melancholy of twilight. Extended, questing melodic lines again evoke the Sibelius of Tuonela. The program is framed by two occasional pieces, lighter in mood and more straightforward in texture and tonality, rounding out an extremely approachable and enjoyable disc."
(Records International)

"Godfrey's music is tonal but traces its subtleties of direction and implication back to Debussy, and its mood is similarly restrained and evocative, but the harmonies are defined by the subject and structure of each piece and are not recognizably impressionist...All these short pieces repay close listening...highly recommended for those interested in intelligent contemporary directions that are neither avant-garde nor neo-Romantic."

"The music becomes a landscape painting of pastel colors and shades...Names of great composers come to mind when listening to this CD, including Debussy, Stravinsky and even Liszt, but the combination of sounds becomes a unique touch. Aria-like melodies are splashed between chromatic interruptions, and modern instrumental techniques are used...Godfrey's writing is both witty and beautiful, and always light, reflective and songful. It's a CD that gets better with each listen, with new details surfacing every time."
(Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)

"All the musical selections on Wrinkled Moon are clear in their intent and structure. The picturesque titles provide evocative images upon which the music easily flows. Wrinkled Moon contains beautiful music made by both the Saint Paul Orchestra and Daniel S. Godfrey."

Track Listings:
1. Festoons | 5:25
2. Luna Rugosa | 9:49
3. From a Dream of Russia:I | 4:50
4. From a Dream of Russia:II | 9:07
5. From a Dream of Russia:III | 4:47
6. Arietta | 7:07
7. Serenata Ariosa:I | 10:26
8. Serenata Ariosa:II | 6:05
9. Breath and Shadow | 13:20
10. Pomp and Revelry | 5:08